The child was thin and scrawny, wasted, and smeared here and there with dirt and scrapes. His hair was a mess of curls and knots all run through with twigs, leaves, burrs - every kind of forest detritus imaginable. John’s nostrils flared at the strong smell of unwashed human, and he got down on his haunches, wishing he could speak. The child cowered, at first, eyes huge and glistening in the full moon’s light. But as the minutes passed, slowly the feral boy relaxed and his curiosity outwon his terror. John sat very still and hardly breathed at the child sat up and reached out one trembling hand. 

I’m in love with ssallydonovan’s feral!Sherlock and flyingrotten’s were!John so much! Now I really want a Calvin and Hobbes-style comic with the adventures of were!John and a young feral!Sherlock. :D

Now John is like aw shit he likes me. Also I find little boy peen kind of adorable, little those mini cocktail wieners trying to be big manly sausages. ok i should stop talking now XD